What is the Writer in White?

This website is the main forum for what I am hoping to accomplish through the Writer in White, along with community and conversation through social media. To read a little more about what my vision for the platform is, and what precipitated its creation, feel free to read my Introductions Journal entry. 

The Journal

The Journal is the section reserved for my reflections and thoughts on writing, storytelling, creativity, and a plethora of other content that I have found significant or meaningful, and that which I believe is worth putting to paper in order to share.

The Blog

The Blog is be the place where my Dungeons and Dragons of content is organized. Here I write about general content about D&D as both a player and a Dungeon Master, my experiences with the game, as well as reviews of adventures, sourcebooks, and other published content. For my entry about how I first got introduced and involved with D&D, check out my Introduction to D&D blog post.

Book Reviews

I will be archiving my book reviews here, as a place where I can offer more than a short reflection. My thoughts and insights into a book will reflect my engagement as a reader, not a critic, and will overwhelmingly be about books I have read and enjoyed. 

Reviews will always be posted here first, and uploaded to other platforms later, such as Goodreads.

The Alerian Chronicle

The Alerian Chronicle is a free, short story format, fantasy writing series that is based on the first Dungeons & Dragons game I played with my friends in my home group. Set within an original setting with unique characters, the stories are a creative adaptation of another format for cooperative storytelling. You can read the entire story thus far for free here, or if you are new, start at the beginning with Chapter 1.

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