About the Writer

Caleb is a 27 year old Canadian-American young writer and storyteller. His family emigrated from Canada to the United States in 1998. He currently lives in Oregon where he can take in the full beauty offered by the American Pacific Northwest. 

Educated as a health and fitness professional at university and as a fitness and strength coach, his areas of expertise along with being an avid outdoorsman lends itself to a unique perspective and creativity within his storytelling. He brings a physical element that is unusual to traditional writing, providing a deep immersion and familiarity in his work.

Passionate about storytelling and storytellers, he is a lifelong reader, ambitious writer, and a novice Dungeons and Dragons player. He started the Writer in White as a medium for his own storytelling and a platform to engage with other stories, mediums, and storytellers. His hope is to share his work as a public portfolio for consumption and engagement as his technique and craft evolve. While creating, the platform will also be a way to share his experiences and lessons as a young writer, avid reader, and aspiring author, as well as for his reflections, insights, and perspectives on Dungeons and Dragons as both a player and Dungeon Master. 

His dream is to write and share stories, and engage with other creatives and storytellers in meaningful ways. While the Writer in White has started as a passion project, the vision to take it to a more meaningful pursuit is always there, and someday might turn into a reality. 

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