Looking to 2022

I sit here with a swirl of thoughts and dreams late at night, my mind wide awake and throwing itself from the task at hand, yet still so much in the same spirit. I allow memories to flood through as I also look forward and dream and hope. After reflecting on only a few piecesContinue reading “Looking to 2022”

Assassin’s Quest, The Farseer Trilogy Book 3 BOOK REVIEW

Assassin’s Quest was probably my most anticipated read this year, and only after I cruised through the first two books in the Farseer Trilogy. The first two had such an impact, and the third installment did not disappoint. It occupies a unique place within Robin Hobb’s works, bringing a conclusion to this series, but alsoContinue reading “Assassin’s Quest, The Farseer Trilogy Book 3 BOOK REVIEW”

Assassin’s Apprentice, The Farseer Trilogy Book 1 BOOK REVIEW

The Farseer Trilogy was a book series I first picked up solely for the reason I heard Robin Hobb’s name over and over again. When an author’s name is referenced alongside authors whose work I have thoroughly enjoyed, I have to at least give it consideration. When they are referenced alongside those authors over andContinue reading “Assassin’s Apprentice, The Farseer Trilogy Book 1 BOOK REVIEW”


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