Chapter 12: A Complicated Past

Heath reached Aleria long after dark. He guided the bay through the softly lit streets towards the Black Crow Tavern, the sound of horseshoes on cobblestone echoing down the nearly empty streets. Reaching the stables to the side of the weathered tavern, Heath set about removing the saddle along with the bit and bridle beforeContinue reading “Chapter 12: A Complicated Past”

Chapter 11: A Return to Hillhold

As the light of the dawn slowly illuminated the horizon, Heath stirred himself from his stoic vigilance. After the Heroes for Hire left with the City Watch and their prisoner, the night was dark, quiet, and thankfully uneventful. The members of Guild #237 had each held their own silence, but they gathered at the frontContinue reading “Chapter 11: A Return to Hillhold”

Chapter 10: A Deeper Conspiracy

It was two days after Victra joined the mercenaries of Guild #237 that their next contract came in. Cassian brought it to the group himself, coming from an old military friend of his who ran security in Aleria, working with different groups and guilds that were composed of former soldiers after the War for Vengeance.Continue reading “Chapter 10: A Deeper Conspiracy”

Chapter 9: An Old Friend

After helping the frightened captives from the twisted metal cage, Heath pointed them towards the mouth of the cave.  “Go wait outside,” he said, handing a torch to a wide-eyed man with sunken eyes. “We’ll be right behind you, but get out of here. Go!” They scrambled, barely heeding his words as they rushed fromContinue reading “Chapter 9: An Old Friend”

Chapter 8: Nightmares Among Us

The ride back to the war camp of the Bound Legion took less time than the ride from it. The group joined up with the legion an hours ride to the south after Mars received word via arcane messaging and Adrie spotted trails of smoke from their camp on the horizon. Blahgrut was more thanContinue reading “Chapter 8: Nightmares Among Us”

Chapter 7: Hillhold

The riders left at dawn, heading east. The bulk of the war camp was empty, the remaining scouts relaying to the group that the legion had mobilized and begun their forced march on Hillhold. The vanguard had deployed the day before as soon as they received confirmation from the warlord, and another legion en routeContinue reading “Chapter 7: Hillhold”

Chapter 6: A Meeting with a Warlord

The reverberating sound of the heavy doors slamming open drew everyone’s attention as Nambu strode into the long hall, a piece of parchment clasped in his hand. The other members of Guild #237 looked up from their places at the table, Heath among them.  “Good morning everyone,” Nambu said as he approached the table.  “YouContinue reading “Chapter 6: A Meeting with a Warlord”

Chapter 5: New Allies and Learned Trust

The next week brought no sign nor word of Adrian.  After returning from the tunnels of Drechton, Heath put the word out that Adrian had fled the city, but that he still had a remaining interest and unfinished business with the man. From his mercenary compatriots, to his lowlife contacts, Heath made it known thatContinue reading “Chapter 5: New Allies and Learned Trust”

Chapter 4: The Tunnels of Drechton

 Heath dropped down into the tunnel, his boots impacting softly on the dirt ground. The stream of light from above illuminated him, but the tunnel quickly vanished into blackness. Around him, the faces of the others looked back at him with a stoic seriousness that hadn’t been there before.  Nambu shifted in place, the shadowsContinue reading “Chapter 4: The Tunnels of Drechton”

Chapter 3: Elusive Prey

Heath hunched over his table, a plate of crispy potatoes and eggs piled on a plate before him with a mug of dark coffee. The Black Crow Tavern was largely empty, though there were always a few regulars who knew about Mo’s hearty breakfasts. The shutters over the windows were already propped open, and aContinue reading “Chapter 3: Elusive Prey”