Chapter 22: The Apex

Heath stood idly patting his mare in the cool morning air as he waited outside the guildhall. The gates were open, and scattered in the courtyard and in the street the members of Guild #237 set about preparing themselves for their journey. Even as the morning sun broke the horizon and began to warm theContinue reading “Chapter 22: The Apex”

Chapter 21: The Hunting Party

By the time they rode through the gates of Aleria, Heath was sore and in a dark mood. A single night’s sleep had done little more than dull the edge of his coiled irritation. Mercifully, Victra had held off on her usual biting banter, recognizing the darkness that had been creeping in the peripheries ofContinue reading “Chapter 21: The Hunting Party”

Chapter 19: Undying Vengeance

Murmur. Almost as though she was whispering it in his ear, Heath held his ground against the surge of memories. Murmur.  His mind raced, trying to convince himself it wasn’t her, it couldn’t be her. But it made too much sense. Living in a disguise. Vanishing into the night without a trace. Murdering Miguel. MakingContinue reading “Chapter 19: Undying Vengeance”

Chapter 18: What Happened at Casimir Manor

Heath rode for two days. The strange sense that came to him in the wilderness lingered at the back of his mind, mingling with the darkness that plagued his dreams, but was still somehow separate. Something had happened, or was on the cusp of happening, in Aleria. Nothing more than that was clear from theContinue reading “Chapter 18: What Happened at Casimir Manor”

Chapter 17: Echoes of War

The nightmares began two days after returning from Valenwood. The first night back in Aleria, Heath’s dreams were veiled with shadows.  He was in darkness, deep and layered like shadows in water. Figures cloaked in darkness moved through the void, waiting and watching. Even as he couldn’t see them, he still saw them. Knew theyContinue reading “Chapter 17: Echoes of War”

Chapter 16: The Bloodbeast

For a heartbeat, the battlefield stood still. Heath felt his breath freeze as a swirl of emotions tumbled in his chest. Nambu stood tall in his blackened armor, helmet discarded to the side, his hand still raised in the air. Looking down from the height of the sloping road, the ranger could see everything inContinue reading “Chapter 16: The Bloodbeast”

Chapter 15: The Defense of Valenwood

Heath woke with a headache and his mood was already dark. The morning light carved through the musty chamber, and he pulled himself upright with a groan. His knee still ached from dropping from the rooftop two nights past, and his ribs still hadn’t healed completely from the fight with the giants. He gathered hisContinue reading “Chapter 15: The Defense of Valenwood”

Chapter 14: The Warden

From the upper room of the Black Crow Tavern, Heath stared at the ceiling from his bed. Sleep would not be coming easily that night, and as his eyes studied the twisted patterns in the wood above him, his thoughts drifted to a memory he had hoped to have left in the past.  8 yearsContinue reading “Chapter 14: The Warden”

Chapter 13: Memory

Mars closed the heavy double doors of the great hall with a resounding thud. Heath walked the length of the room, standing facing the fireplace. The others gathered around him, but Heath kept his face on the slowly dying embers. Kriv’s raspy voice cut through the silence.  “You want to explain what just happened?” TheContinue reading “Chapter 13: Memory”