Welcome. At the genesis of something new, at the cusp of new acquaintances, I believe introductions are the best first course of action. So welcome to the space where my hope as a new writer and novice storyteller is to share my passion for storytelling, reading, writing, and engaging with stories across mediums can come together. This is likely a season of transition for me, and my hope is that by taking the chance with this leap of faith, that I might carry this passion project further and see where it might lead. This is new, this will be uncomfortable, but I am hopeful in what I might be able to accomplish, not only for myself, but to expand my reach and create something good and worthwhile. 

I have always loved stories. Reading them, writing, dreaming them up. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother reading to my brother and I when we were very young. Soon thereafter I was reading stories on my own. That only expanded to writing and imagining stories of my own, which only reflects the significance stories hold for me. There is a deep desire to create and construct whole worlds and places with stories and people within them. As I began to dream and imagine the possibilities, I often found myself wanting to share what I’ve created and what I want to create. I never wanted it to just be for me. 

In that desire to create something, there immediately came the reality of what do I create, how do I create it, and how do I share it? And within the whirlwind of ideas that my young, creative mind had, I settled on my course of action. The concept that there is no better way to share something that I am passionate about than to make it for myself because I care enough about it, but to then produce it to then be shared and published for free. To do so under my terms and for my reasons. While this is a very specific situation and circumstance, this feels like the right step for me in this season. An experiment of what happens when my creativity is met with a regimented and public medium. That decision to make it public is terrifying to me. It is not my expertise, nor my training or education, and will likely be a fumbling attempt for a while. Yet I fully believe the two most important things for a writer (I use that term for myself because that’s the lens through which everything here is being viewed) are to firstly finish something and not let it sit unfinished, and secondly to let it go by putting it out into the world, whether that is as a formally published work or on some other public medium. 

As unknown and unfamiliar as this process and excursion might seem, this is the time to try something new, and perhaps something quite risky. I am lucky enough to find myself young and with the margin in my life to fail. And when I say fail, it is with the express intent to fail and learn from it, to continue moving forward in light of failure. I have ideas, and I’ve had them for a long time. With little to fall back on, and in light of recent events, pouring myself into something I am passionate about doesn’t seem like the most irresponsible option. At worst, I will have spent my time and effort pursuing a dream. At best, I might get to keep doing the things that I love a little bit longer. 

What is the Writer in White

My dream and plan for the Writer in White is to be a cross-platform medium for storytelling. I want to use it to look at the various forms of stories and storytelling in which I have found significance, meaning, or joy. I want it to be a place where storytelling can be shared, to be where collaboration with other storytellers, mediums and methods used by creators can be highlighted. The journey through a story is more important than the destination, which I hold to be true for this platform. I don’t have a plan for where it will ultimately end up, but my hope is that my passion will resonate with enough people to allow me to continue to expand this space and share that passion for storytelling with others. 

Within the Writer in White, there can be certain things you can expect. The Journal will be my look at writing and storytelling across mediums and through styles and techniques. Through my own lens and that of others, I will look at why storytelling is significant to all of us. I’ll share my own steps into storytelling, as similar and dissimilar as it might be to anyone else’s journey. From my years as a consumer and learner, to the more recent years of a young and hopeful storyteller and prospective writer. I will look at the thoughts, reflections, methods, and takeaways of other writers and storytellers, from MasterClasses to recorded academic lectures, and I will share my insights into what I have found beneficial. The Journal will also be home to other writings, not always pertaining to writing or storytelling, though no less significant for me. 

The Blog will be another section within this space, though with a more specific focus. Highlighting the broad and unique methods of storytelling through Dungeons and Dragons, the Blog will be where I shine a light on the methods, techniques, lessons, and my reflections as both a D&D player and game master. There will be general posts which look at broad topics across Dungeons and Dragons as both a game and a storytelling medium. There will also be reviews of Sourcebook material and Adventure modules, with my insights into the content, applications, and value within. The world of Dungeons and Dragons has been extremely influential in my views on storytelling, especially within a group, and deserves its own space within this platform. 

The Writer in White will also be the place where I publish book reviews of content I have read and enjoyed. Recognize that I am by no means a professional reviewer, and my reflections should not be treated as a professional critique. There are many other brilliant reviewers out there who give much better critical insight into books. My reviews will be touching on what I enjoy in the books I read, what I take away from them, what pieces of brilliant storytelling are within. In short, they will be summaries of the books and stories I like. I remember Maragret Atwood speaking about book reviews, and that she would only ever write a good review. She also said that the only time she would write a review is when she both enjoyed the work, and had something to say about it. Those are the two things that I plan to hold in prominence when I think about books reviews.

The final type of content to expect from the Writer in White is the ongoing short-story format of a narrative. The first of which I have planned is called “The Alerian Chronicle,” and it will consist of short chapter entries published to the site weekly. The story is a narrative adaptation from the cooperative adventures my friends and I wrote for our Dungeons and Dragons party. While the game is ongoing and distinct, I have taken the bones of the story and adapted it into a written narrative. Aspects have been adjusted and perspective has been added for a particular journey within the larger adventure to better fit the planned episodic timelines and format. It will read like a novel, with chapters published weekly and moving within a definitive narrative arc. While it stems from the Dungeons and Dragons system, it will be a story all its own.

That brings us now to this concept of beginnings. All new things have their beginning. Perhaps it is not the most important part, as continuing through adversity is arguably the most difficult and important stage of any journey, yet I find beginnings to be the most daunting and still my most favorite aspect of any endeavor. Beginnings can be grand or they can be humble, such as they are today as I find myself writing these words. I sit here at my desk, the same desk my grandfather used for decades, with little more than words on a page, a keyboard, and plenty of dreams. Beginnings have potential. They have hesitations and apprehensions. They also have hopes and aspirations. So welcome to the beginning. I hope you’ll stay for the rest of the journey. 

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