Chapter 24: Roles and Goals

As the days stretched into weeks, Heath found himself working closely with Kriv. While they both recognized they would likely never be friends, there was a mutual understanding that they could accomplish much more when they trusted each other and worked together.  “How much have the Sparrows uncovered?” Heath suddenly asked, interrupting Kriv as heContinue reading “Chapter 24: Roles and Goals”


Following the stories of the gods, primordials, and other immortals of Mythos, the stories of Heroes turn the focus to, you guessed it, heroes. These are the men and women who rose up and exemplified themselves despite being human, despite being mortal. They often have divine lineages, but it was the extraordinary traits and featsContinue reading “Heroes BOOK REVIEW”

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel ADVENTURE ANTHOLOGY REVIEW

Journeys through the Radiant Citadel is a collection of adventures written entirely by black and brown writers, the first of its kind for Dungeons and Dragons books published by Wizards of the Coast. They each carry unique and diverse themes, voices, and experiences which serve to create this beautiful anthology. Adventures are each accompanied byContinue reading “Journeys through the Radiant Citadel ADVENTURE ANTHOLOGY REVIEW”

Spelljammer Academy ADVENTURE REVIEW

Spelljammer Academy is a free adventure presented as an introductory adventure for multiple 1st level characters leading into the highly anticipated Spelljammer: Adventures in Space collection releasing soon. Spelljammer: Adventures in Space is a massive undertaking for Wizards of the Coast, bringing a popular setting from an older edition to fifth edition D&D. Spelljammer sawContinue reading “Spelljammer Academy ADVENTURE REVIEW”

Chapter 23: A Return to Aleria

The walk back to the mountain path was longer and more arduous, the weariness in Heath’s limbs and falling rain pushing him to move cautiously, though the fury of the storm had blown past. He reached the split where he had diverged from the others, looking up the wide trail to see them slowly approaching. Continue reading “Chapter 23: A Return to Aleria”

One Foot in the Fade BOOK REVIEW

The third book in the Fetch Phillips series, One Foot in the Fade sees readers welcomed back to Sunder City by Luke Arnold. Immediately it feels like a very different place from the Sunder of the first two books, and the feel of the story has likewise shifted. One Foot in the Fade feels likeContinue reading “One Foot in the Fade BOOK REVIEW”


In what might be one of the most dense collections of content, encounters, and story from Wizards of the Coast for fifth edition, Out of the Abyss takes players into the rich depths of the Underdark. An adventure that spans a massive region and huge amounts of in-game time, it is a challenge of epicContinue reading “Out of the Abyss ADVENTURE REVIEW”

Dead Man in a Ditch BOOK REVIEW

Fetch Phillips became a favorite character of mine after reading The Last Smile in Sunder City, and Luke Arnold’s craft at storytelling meant that I have been recommending his books ever since. When I picked up Dead Man in a Ditch, I was excited for the return to the fantasy noir genre, which always promisesContinue reading “Dead Man in a Ditch BOOK REVIEW”

Chapter 22: The Apex

Heath stood idly patting his mare in the cool morning air as he waited outside the guildhall. The gates were open, and scattered in the courtyard and in the street the members of Guild #237 set about preparing themselves for their journey. Even as the morning sun broke the horizon and began to warm theContinue reading “Chapter 22: The Apex”