A Court of Thorns and Roses, ACOTAR 1 BOOK REVIEW

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a book that was not written for me. In that, I mean I’m not the primary intended audience, at least not on the surface. I’m a man and I love epic fantasy. And while a well-written romance arc in a story can be great, books with a strong,Continue reading “A Court of Thorns and Roses, ACOTAR 1 BOOK REVIEW”

Chapter 19: Undying Vengeance

Murmur. Almost as though she was whispering it in his ear, Heath held his ground against the surge of memories. Murmur.  His mind raced, trying to convince himself it wasn’t her, it couldn’t be her. But it made too much sense. Living in a disguise. Vanishing into the night without a trace. Murdering Miguel. MakingContinue reading “Chapter 19: Undying Vengeance”

Assassin’s Quest, The Farseer Trilogy Book 3 BOOK REVIEW

Assassin’s Quest was probably my most anticipated read this year, and only after I cruised through the first two books in the Farseer Trilogy. The first two had such an impact, and the third installment did not disappoint. It occupies a unique place within Robin Hobb’s works, bringing a conclusion to this series, but alsoContinue reading “Assassin’s Quest, The Farseer Trilogy Book 3 BOOK REVIEW”

Royal Assassin, The Farseer Trilogy Book 2 BOOK REVIEW

Robin Hobb’s work is some of the greatest in fantasy, and the Farseer Trilogy is the first part of her Realm of the Elderlings, spanning multiple books through several series. Royal Assassin is the heart of the Farseer Trilogy, bringing the world of the Six Duchies and the characters introduced in the first book intoContinue reading “Royal Assassin, The Farseer Trilogy Book 2 BOOK REVIEW”

Assassin’s Apprentice, The Farseer Trilogy Book 1 BOOK REVIEW

The Farseer Trilogy was a book series I first picked up solely for the reason I heard Robin Hobb’s name over and over again. When an author’s name is referenced alongside authors whose work I have thoroughly enjoyed, I have to at least give it consideration. When they are referenced alongside those authors over andContinue reading “Assassin’s Apprentice, The Farseer Trilogy Book 1 BOOK REVIEW”

Chapter 18: What Happened at Casimir Manor

Heath rode for two days. The strange sense that came to him in the wilderness lingered at the back of his mind, mingling with the darkness that plagued his dreams, but was still somehow separate. Something had happened, or was on the cusp of happening, in Aleria. Nothing more than that was clear from theContinue reading “Chapter 18: What Happened at Casimir Manor”

Bloodline, Cradle 9 BOOK REVIEW

After the conclusion of the Uncrowned King Tournament, Lindon discovers the truth about the Wandering Titan and its inevitable journey to the Sacred Valley. Gathering his friends and allies, Lindon fully commits to his own return in order to try to save his family and everyone else in his home before destruction arrives. As theContinue reading “Bloodline, Cradle 9 BOOK REVIEW”

Wintersteel, Cradle 8 BOOK REVIEW

Wintersteel carries the burden of closing a significant arc in the Cradle series while also having to incorporate heavy backstory elements with ongoing politics and engaging action. From the heightened stakes of the Uncrowned King Tournament, to the history of the Sage of the Endless Sword, and Lindon’s own struggle to find his place afterContinue reading “Wintersteel, Cradle 8 BOOK REVIEW”

Chapter 17: Echoes of War

The nightmares began two days after returning from Valenwood. The first night back in Aleria, Heath’s dreams were veiled with shadows.  He was in darkness, deep and layered like shadows in water. Figures cloaked in darkness moved through the void, waiting and watching. Even as he couldn’t see them, he still saw them. Knew theyContinue reading “Chapter 17: Echoes of War”

Uncrowned, Cradle 7 BOOK REVIEW

Uncrowned begins after the revelation that Akura Charity has decided that Lindon shall train to represent the Akura clan in the Uncrowned King Tournament, potentially taking the place she had intended for Akura Harmony, whose death she attributes to Lindon. The various champions and chosen of the factions, families, kingdoms, and territories are gathered atContinue reading “Uncrowned, Cradle 7 BOOK REVIEW”