Chapter 24: Roles and Goals

As the days stretched into weeks, Heath found himself working closely with Kriv. While they both recognized they would likely never be friends, there was a mutual understanding that they could accomplish much more when they trusted each other and worked together.  “How much have the Sparrows uncovered?” Heath suddenly asked, interrupting Kriv as heContinue reading “Chapter 24: Roles and Goals”

Chapter 23: A Return to Aleria

The walk back to the mountain path was longer and more arduous, the weariness in Heath’s limbs and falling rain pushing him to move cautiously, though the fury of the storm had blown past. He reached the split where he had diverged from the others, looking up the wide trail to see them slowly approaching. Continue reading “Chapter 23: A Return to Aleria”

One Foot in the Fade BOOK REVIEW

The third book in the Fetch Phillips series, One Foot in the Fade sees readers welcomed back to Sunder City by Luke Arnold. Immediately it feels like a very different place from the Sunder of the first two books, and the feel of the story has likewise shifted. One Foot in the Fade feels likeContinue reading “One Foot in the Fade BOOK REVIEW”

Dead Man in a Ditch BOOK REVIEW

Fetch Phillips became a favorite character of mine after reading The Last Smile in Sunder City, and Luke Arnold’s craft at storytelling meant that I have been recommending his books ever since. When I picked up Dead Man in a Ditch, I was excited for the return to the fantasy noir genre, which always promisesContinue reading “Dead Man in a Ditch BOOK REVIEW”

Chapter 22: The Apex

Heath stood idly patting his mare in the cool morning air as he waited outside the guildhall. The gates were open, and scattered in the courtyard and in the street the members of Guild #237 set about preparing themselves for their journey. Even as the morning sun broke the horizon and began to warm theContinue reading “Chapter 22: The Apex”

The Hunger of the Gods, The Bloodsworn Saga 2 BOOK REVIEW

Contains spoilers for The Shadow of the Gods. The sequel to what quickly became my favorite new read of 2022, The Hunger of the Gods continues the legacy of the Bloodsworn Saga with its fantastic cast of characters set in the Battle-Plain in a story influenced and inspired by Norse sagas and mythology.  After Lik-RifaContinue reading “The Hunger of the Gods, The Bloodsworn Saga 2 BOOK REVIEW”

The Shadow of the Gods, The Bloodsworn Saga 1 BOOK REVIEW

As surprising as it may seem, the thing that made The Shadow of the Gods first catch my eye was the cover art. Scrolling through social media and it was enough to make me look a little deeper. I then learned about John Gwynne as an author and read the synopsis for the book, andContinue reading “The Shadow of the Gods, The Bloodsworn Saga 1 BOOK REVIEW”

Chapter 21: The Hunting Party

By the time they rode through the gates of Aleria, Heath was sore and in a dark mood. A single night’s sleep had done little more than dull the edge of his coiled irritation. Mercifully, Victra had held off on her usual biting banter, recognizing the darkness that had been creeping in the peripheries ofContinue reading “Chapter 21: The Hunting Party”

A Court of Silver Flames, ACOTAR 4 BOOK REVIEW

In the longest and potentially most vibrant work of Sarah J. Maas’ I have read, A Court of Silver Flames bursts with color and emotion from the first pages. Returning to the land of Prythian is familiar, but in stepping away from the similarly familiar perspectives of Feyre and Rhysand, the story takes a differentContinue reading “A Court of Silver Flames, ACOTAR 4 BOOK REVIEW”

A Court of Frost and Starlight, ACOTAR Novella BOOK REVIEW

In what be my favorite showing from Sarah J. Maas in this series thus far, A Court of Frost and Starlight takes a slower, more personal, and frankly enjoyable look at Feyre and her family in the days after the end of the war with Hybern and the events of A Court of Wings andContinue reading “A Court of Frost and Starlight, ACOTAR Novella BOOK REVIEW”