Wintersteel, Cradle 8 BOOK REVIEW

Wintersteel carries the burden of closing a significant arc in the Cradle series while also having to incorporate heavy backstory elements with ongoing politics and engaging action. From the heightened stakes of the Uncrowned King Tournament, to the history of the Sage of the Endless Sword, and Lindon’s own struggle to find his place afterContinue reading “Wintersteel, Cradle 8 BOOK REVIEW”

Chapter 17: Echoes of War

The nightmares began two days after returning from Valenwood. The first night back in Aleria, Heath’s dreams were veiled with shadows.  He was in darkness, deep and layered like shadows in water. Figures cloaked in darkness moved through the void, waiting and watching. Even as he couldn’t see them, he still saw them. Knew theyContinue reading “Chapter 17: Echoes of War”

Uncrowned, Cradle 7 BOOK REVIEW

Uncrowned begins after the revelation that Akura Charity has decided that Lindon shall train to represent the Akura clan in the Uncrowned King Tournament, potentially taking the place she had intended for Akura Harmony, whose death she attributes to Lindon. The various champions and chosen of the factions, families, kingdoms, and territories are gathered atContinue reading “Uncrowned, Cradle 7 BOOK REVIEW”

Underlord, Cradle 6 BOOK REVIEW

Underlord, Volume 6 in the Cradle series, begins the rising arc of the Uncrowned King Tournament, a contest between the most talented sacred artists in a series of Mortal Kombat-style duels where winners advance, though losers are spared actual death. This event dominates the narrative of the next three books in Cradle. It is moreContinue reading “Underlord, Cradle 6 BOOK REVIEW”

Chapter 16: The Bloodbeast

For a heartbeat, the battlefield stood still. Heath felt his breath freeze as a swirl of emotions tumbled in his chest. Nambu stood tall in his blackened armor, helmet discarded to the side, his hand still raised in the air. Looking down from the height of the sloping road, the ranger could see everything inContinue reading “Chapter 16: The Bloodbeast”

Ghostwater, Cradle 5 BOOK REVIEW

Contains spoilers for the Cradle series through Ghostwater. Ghostwater was a two part read for me, and I still don’t fully know how I feel about it. As Cradle: Volume 5, it sits in the middle of nine published books out of a predicted twelve. It does a better job of setting up subsequent booksContinue reading “Ghostwater, Cradle 5 BOOK REVIEW”

Skysworn, Cradle 4 BOOK REVIEW

With the imminent arrival of his duel with Jai Long, Lindon’s journey to advance as a sacred artist and challenge himself is quickly overshadowed by a greater threat than the Jai clan exile. An event that has been built up since the climax of Volume 2 in the series is quickly thrust into the sceneryContinue reading “Skysworn, Cradle 4 BOOK REVIEW”

Chapter 15: The Defense of Valenwood

Heath woke with a headache and his mood was already dark. The morning light carved through the musty chamber, and he pulled himself upright with a groan. His knee still ached from dropping from the rooftop two nights past, and his ribs still hadn’t healed completely from the fight with the giants. He gathered hisContinue reading “Chapter 15: The Defense of Valenwood”

Blackflame, Cradle 3 BOOK REVIEW

Blackflame, book 3 of the Cradle series, is the point where the story begins to gain momentum. Not to say that the previous books didn’t have excitement, but Blackflame has the feel of a significant point in a larger series, rather than the previous books that felt as though they were building to that sortContinue reading “Blackflame, Cradle 3 BOOK REVIEW”

Soulsmith, Cradle 2 BOOK REVIEW

The second book in the Cradle series, Soulsmith begins to introduce the world, more of the setting and give glimpses of the “wideness” that exists. We have met our protagonist, and we learned his pursuit or projected hero’s journey in Unsouled. Now Lindon has ventured beyond the boundaries of his known world and into aContinue reading “Soulsmith, Cradle 2 BOOK REVIEW”