Rhythm of War, The Stormlight Archive Book 4 BOOK REVIEW

Contains mild spoilers for Rhythm of War and previous Stormlight Archive books.  As we all found ourselves requisitioned away to some degree during 2020, our means of enjoyment and entertainment were drastically challenged. How fortunate was it then to have one of the greatest storytellers of this generation release one of his greatest works inContinue reading “Rhythm of War, The Stormlight Archive Book 4 BOOK REVIEW”

Norse Mythology BOOK REVIEW

It was my love of Neil Gaiman’s work and his storytelling craft that first turned me towards this work. It was in the midst of taking his Art of Storytelling MasterClass that I was first made aware that he had written a novel on the topic, and was thus appropriately titled Norse Mythology. Legends andContinue reading “Norse Mythology BOOK REVIEW”