Edgedancer BOOK REVIEW

In a short story set within the fantasy epic of Brandon Sanderon’s world, Edgedancer reminds us of the significance of even small characters’ stories, that no beginning is too unimportant, that no character is unworthy of happiness or incapable of greatness. Edgedancer gives readers of the Stormlight Archive the unique perspective of Lift, a girlContinue reading “Edgedancer BOOK REVIEW”

Chapter 2: A Question of Honor

Heath was furious. He walked with slow, forced breaths as he turned north, away from the group. Pulling his hood up, his mind tormented him. As he followed the winding path, no words of protest followed him from the members of Guild #237. He didn’t expect any, nor did he hope for it. The walkContinue reading “Chapter 2: A Question of Honor”

Chapter 1: A New Job

“Ranger!” The thickly accented voice cut through Heath’s moment of peace, driving a spike of pain into his mind. Well, maybe not quite a moment of peace. Regardless, his typical dark mood made worse by drink was usually enough to get folk to leave him alone. Why can’t a man be left to his ownContinue reading “Chapter 1: A New Job”

A World through Sapphire Eyes BOOK REVIEW

I picked up A World through Sapphire Eyes shortly after I met Marie Mackay through social media and discovering our mutual love of books, writing, and fantasy. It was at the beginning of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for you other writers out there), and as we shared updates about our works in progress, sheContinue reading “A World through Sapphire Eyes BOOK REVIEW”

Rhythm of War, The Stormlight Archive Book 4 BOOK REVIEW

Contains mild spoilers for Rhythm of War and previous Stormlight Archive books.  As we all found ourselves requisitioned away to some degree during 2020, our means of enjoyment and entertainment were drastically challenged. How fortunate was it then to have one of the greatest storytellers of this generation release one of his greatest works inContinue reading “Rhythm of War, The Stormlight Archive Book 4 BOOK REVIEW”